Terms and Conditions

Obligations of the Company

According to the regulatory law of contract vehicle parking (Law 40/2002 of November 14), the owner of the parking service is responsible for any damages that the vehicle or the user may incur while parked at the facility. This covers damage to the vehicle as a result of damage or flooding caused by broken pipes, or damages caused by poor maintenance of the facilities. Liability will only be accepted if reported within our premises before leaving the facilities, we cannot be held responsible once the vehicle has exited the facility. We reserve the right to note and photograph any previous damage that already exists on the vehicle. The company does not accept however liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature, as all vehicles are parked outside.

Under damages for theft, there remain excluded all those accessories of the vehicle that are removable, such as stereo fascias, mobile phones, satellite navigations, etc. Also excluded is theft of documents of the vehicle and it is advisable to remove documents from the vehicle when leaving. Personal belongings such as electronics, clothing, purses or wallets, or any other object that the user has left in the vehicle are also excluded.

Obligations of the Client

The client must remove any objects and accessories that can be removed as mentioned above. It is compulsory to supply the receipt for the vehicle upon collection. In case of loss of receipt, the owner will have to prove ownership of the vehicle. We cannot be held responsible for a fraudulent extraction of the vehicle. To help establish ownership, the company will produce a copy of the original receipt/contract and will demand to see identification. If identification cannot be proved the company holds the right to refuse the collection of the vehicle.

All vehicles are parked under the owner's insurance. Please note that is it illegal not to have insurance. If you would like an insurance quote please ring Katy on 639 366 962 for competitive immediate cover.

The client is legally responsible for any damage caused to their vehicle or any other vehicle while driving recklessly within the company's compound. There is a strict 10 km/h speed limit within the compound. The company is not responsible for poor driving by a client within the compound that may cause injury or damage to other users or vehicles. Responsibility will be changed to the company only once the keys to the vehicle have been handed to an employee of the company.

You are advised to allow for sufficient journey time to arrive at the car park at least 20 minutes prior to the check-in time given by your airline. We cannot be held liable for any loss you might suffer should traffic cause you to miss your flight. The user may be transferred to the terminal with other users on our courtesy service.

Rights of the Company

The company reserves the right to alter the charges for parking without prior notice.

The company reserves the right to retain a vehicle as guarantee until payment has been made.

The company can use the procedure of article 71 of the articulated text of the Law of Traffic and Circulation of Vehicles. This states that the company holds the right to remove a vehicle that has remained stationary for a period of 6 months without payment, therefore rendering the vehicle abandoned.

The company reserves the right to move your vehicle within the car park or on the public highway.

The company's prices are inclusive of tax.

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